The process

To save energy: Why squander energy when it can easily be recovered and reused using XLG® corrugated tube heat exchangers? One of the simplest ways to save money in modern industry is to recover the heat content of the waste from various production processes, be they exhaust gases from an engine or furnace or waste hot water. The recovery process is simply to transfer the heat energy from the hot waste fluid or gas into a cooler fluid or gas which can be used in some other part of the plant or process.

Commonly used types

Listed below are the types of XLG® heat exchangers commonly used in energy recovery applications:

  • - Waste water from textile industry: XLG® Tube-in-Tube and I-Series.
  • - Sewage suldge: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Thermal fluids: XLG® I-Series
  • - Paper industry water: XLG® I-Series y Tube-in-Tube.

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