The process

Thermal treatment using XLG® corrugated tube heat exchangers takes place more rapidly than with other tubular heat exchangers because the heat transfer coefficient – the numerical value representing the rate of transfer of heat from one fluid to another – is significantly higher, allowing a more rapid treatment. The result is obvious: juices which are pasteurised in corrugated tube heat exchangers retain more of their natural properties as less time is needed for their treatment; they are exposed to the high temperature for less time and to the degradation in their natural properties that this causes.

XLG® corrugated tube heat exchangers can process any type of fruit juice with pulp or fibres as well as other drinks containing particles, concentrates, purées, grape must etc..

Commonly used types

Listed below are the types of XLG® heat exchangers commonly used in the treatment of Juices and Drinks:

  • - Freshly squeezed orange juice: XLG® Tube-in-Tube & Multitube.
  • - Juices with pulp and cells: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Orange concentrate: XLG® Multitube.
  • - Fruit juices: XLG® Multitube.
  • - Fruit pureés: XLG® Multitube.
  • - Fruit concentrates: XLG® Multitube and Hybrid.
  • - Fruit pulp: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Chopped fruits: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Wine must: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Tomato concentrate: XLG® Tripletube.
  • - Beer malt: XLG® Multitube.
  • - Whiskey malt: XLG® Multitube.
  • - Banana paste: XLG® Tripletube and Hybrid.

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