The process

Thermal treatment using XLG® corrugated tube heat exchangers takes place more rapidly than with other tubular heat exchangers because the heat transfer coefficient – the numerical value representing the rate of transfer of heat from one fluid to another – is significantly higher, allowing a more rapid treatment. In addition, the high levels of turbulence created in the fluid stream has an ‘self cleaning’ effect which reduces the rate of fouling significantly and therefore allows the plant to operate for longer times than plant using other types of heat exchangers.

Sterilisation treatments carried out at high temperature (UHT etc.) are ideal applications for the corrugated tube heat exchangers, where they really show their high performance capabilities and reliability.


Commonly used types

Listed below are the types of XLG® heat exchangers commonly used in the treatment of Milk and Milk products:

  • - UHT Milk: XLG® Multitube.
  • - Milk concentrate: XLG® Tripletube and Hybrid.
  • - Milk whey: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Yoghurt: XLG® Multitube.
  • - Coagulated milk proteins: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Cream: XLG® Multitube.

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