The process

XLG® corrugated tube heat exchangers transfer heat better than any other type of tubular unit as they achieve higher levels of turbulence which encourages agitation and mixing within the core of the fluid stream. Sauces and soups which contain pieces of vegetables and are thermally treated within corrugated tube heat exchangers retain their natural properties as the treatment is more rapid and their organic properties are little changed by the heat that they have been subjected to.

Commonly used types

Listed below are the types of XLG® heat exchangers commonly used in the treatment of sauces and soups:

  • - Ketchup: XLG®Multitube, Tube-in-Tube and Tripletube.
  • - Mayonnaise: XLG® Multitube and Tripletube.
  • - Minestrone soup: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Cheese sauce: XLG® Tripletube.
  • - Cream of vegetable soup: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Spaghetti sauces: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Curry sauces: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.

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