The process

The XLG® corrugated tube heat exchangers are very efficient in various applications involved in environmental control as the tube corrugation allows heat transfer optimisation and a sometimes considerable reduction in the size of the heat exchanger, reducing the financial investment necessary that would be necessary with other types of tubular heat exchanger.

An additional benefit is that the corrugated tube allows longer working cycles without significant fouling as they have a self cleaning effect produced by the increased turbulence generated within the fluid as it passes through the corrugated tube.

Commonly used types

Listed below are the types of XLG® heat exchangers commonly used in Environmental Control applications:

  • - Sewage treatment Works sludges: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Textile industry waste water: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Laundry waster water: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Biogas: XLG® I-Series and Tube-in-Tube.
  • - Biological waste lechate: XLG® I-Series.
  • - Biomass: XLG® Tube-in-Tube.

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