The B-Plate plate-type heat exchangers are made of stainless steel W 1.4401 (AISI316) or W 1.4547 (SMO254).

The plates are brazed to form the heat exchanger in a vacuum furnace at a temperature of 1,150°C.
A very thin brazing foil of copper or nickel combines the plates into a pressure-tight heat exchange unit.

Brazed heat exchangers are subject to the general Pressure Vessel Regulations and are subjected to extensive pressure and leak tests at the end of production.

Two plate pairs each form one plate channel, primary and secondary, which are separate of each other.
Through the connecting plate, the two media, flowing in opposite directions, enter the plate channels via the
distributor, where heat exchange occursithout mixing of the two media.

A variety of useful accessories for all BPlate heat exchangers, from screw unions to heat and cold insulation, complement the supply range.


General industry

  • - Oil cooling
  • - Process water
  • - Tempering
  • - Preheating
  • - Heat recovery


  • - Engine water
  • - Oil cooling
  • - HVAC
  • - District heat
  • - Hot water preparatio
  • - Swimming pool


  • - Solar system construction
  • - System separation Refrigeration
  • - Desuperheater
  • - Condensers
  • - Oil coolers
  • - Oil preheaters
  • - Evaporators
  • - Heat recovery

Design Conditions

Subject to the specific requirements of any particular application or requirement to use a specific Design Code, our standard conditions of design for the B-Plate heat exchangers are as follows:Operating temperatures from -100 °C to 250°C

  • - Suitable for vacuum
  • - Operating pressure up to 40 bar
  • - Very compact design
  • - Copper or nickel brazed version
  • - Wide range of models
  • - Very hight heat transfer coefficient
  • - Low-wear and requiring little maintenance

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