XLG is able to offer products to satisfy applications in most industrial sectors.
In order to achieve this, the best technical solution is always offered for every application, be it a tubular heat exchanger, a plate heat exchanger or one of the more specialised types.

Optimum design

XLG is able to obtain optimum designs for its heat exchangers thanks to its very experienced staff and their modern calculation methods.

The most economic solutions can only be obtained by optimising the designs and for this reason XLG dedicate a large proportion of its resources to the Technical Office.


To offer a high quality product covering every requirement of our clients..

To prepare and offer the most appropriate solution for your industry.

These are the basic objectives of XLG which allow us to prepare a final product with the best quality and price on the market.


XLG Heat Transfer manufactures XLG® corrugated tube heat exchangers and XTube Boxer® Scraped surface heat exchangers.
In addition we are specialized in Plate type and other special types of heat exchangers according to the requirements of the application.

Product List

These are Tube-in-Tube corrugated tube heat exchangers specially designed for direct regeneration (product to product) between hot and cold sludge and biomass. Units are formed by two concentric tubes, and the transition between units is done by means of special clogging-free headers.

XLG® S&T Shell & Tubes

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers are designed according to the specifications stated by TEMA Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer's Association. XLG's input has been incorporating modern corrugated tubes made in different profiles to enhance heat transfer and reduce fouling.


Packaged systems for the production of clean steam in a large range of capacities, for being used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, Electronics and Brewing industries.

Customised solutions

XLG offers you exclusive designs for your specific application. We select the type of heat exchanger which is most appropriate to your needs which may be a unit manufactured by us or could be a model from another manufacturer. The most important factor is that the solution we offer to you is the most appropriate and the very best in all respects.


XLG heat exchangers solve problems in a wide range of industrial applications in processes involving heating, cooling, condensation, pasteurisation, high temperature sterilisation, heat recovery… for the food industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, environmental control industry...

Industrial Applications

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